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Classroom Parties

Party-streamers-mainThis fun committee is a great way to get involved and have fun doing it! You will be part of an exciting team that plans, recruits volunteers for and puts on three classroom parties. These parties include Halloween, The Holidays, and Valentine’s Day! Join in on the fun and help give the kids of West Woods events and memories to last a lifetime.

Each classroom needs two Pack Parents to organize, plan, and execute three class parties throughout the year. The Pack Parents must work together to coordinate the parties and commit to volunteering their time for these events. There will be a meeting held prior to first party to meet and go over all guidelines for parties.

To become a classroom party volunteer, please follow this link:



We are also requesting classroom party donations in the amount of $10 per child. This helps the PTSA cover the cost for snacks and activities for all three classroom parties for the year.



Classroom Party Donations

If you would also like to join PTSA, you can join and donate to classroom parties at the same time here.