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Talent Show

West Woods Has Talent

April 27, 2018



The West Woods Has Talent variety show is a non-competitive program where a student or group of students can show off their talents.  The purpose is to give students a chance to show a different side of themselves.  With so many talented students, this year’s show is sure to be a big hit!




West Woods Has Talent 2018 Schedule:microphone

Online Permission Forms Available by Monday, February 12th
Online Permission Forms due by Friday, March 2nd
Notification of Tryout Date by Friday, March 9th
Auditions on Monday (April 2nd) & Tuesday (April 3rd) 3:00-5:00 PM
Notification of Acts in the Show by Friday, April 6th
Dress Rehearsal on Monday, April 23rd 3:00 PM


Friday, April 27th – in school during a school assembly


Friday, April 27th 6:00 PM


West Woods Has Talent Rules:

  1. All students must be currently enrolled at West Woods Elementary.
  2. The show is limited to 25 – 30 acts to keep it at a reasonable time.
  3. If your act includes recorded music, you must provide a hard copy (previously emailed file, CD, USB, etc.) prior to auditions.
  4. A lyric sheet (words to the song) and/or script of the skit that accompanies your act must be provided, along with your permission form, by March 2nd so that we may look it over for appropriate content.
  5. The committee will be checking to see that acts follow these guidelines:
    • A variety of student ages
    • A variety of different types of acts in the show
    • A well prepared act at the time of auditions
    • Groups: which will allow more students to perform in the show
    • Length of the act – 2 minute maximum at auditions/show
    • Appropriate music, lyrics, costumes, actions and movements only
    • At auditions, be fully prepared, in costume, with needed accompaniment.

     *Acts must follow the below criteria or they will be automatically be disqualified:

    • All group member permission slips submitted.
    • Hard copy of music provided (CD, USB, or previously emailed file only)
    • A lyric sheet and/or script must be provided for the review at auditions.
    • Acts cannot exceed 2 minutes.
    • Appropriate music content and dress (follow school dress code).
    • Must be prepared to perform.
  6. During auditions, parents may stay to watch. Only those who are auditioning my be in the room (no friends, please).
  7. By Friday, March 9th applying acts will be notified of their audition date and time.
  8. By Friday, April 6th acts that have been selected for the talent show will be notified via email. A list of acts will also be posted outside the STEM classroom door. You will have over two week to be prepared for the dress rehearsal on April 23rd. You cannot make any changes in your act once it has been selected.
  9. At the dress rehearsal and performance evening, students must be present and perform in the correct order of the program. We will not be able to change the order of the acts to fit personal needs. Please block these dates and times on your calendar. Thank you for understanding.
  10. Students/parents are responsible for making transportation arrangements for auditions, dress rehearsal, and the show.