Pages with the Pack

Get Ready.  Get Set.  READ!books

Pages with the Pack, our school-wide read-a-thon, runs February 23rd – March 4th, 2018

How do you participate?

  • Register: Parents, register your students at

    Registration opens February 9th.
    If 50% of the student body registers by Friday, February 22nd, the school will earn a Read-in Day on Friday, March 2nd!

  • Set a goal: At the website, students will set individual goals for the number of minutes they’d like to read from February 23rd—March 4th. Teachers will set class goals as well.

  • Track minutes: Also on the website, students will track the number of minutes read each day.

  • Fundraising: Families will be able to invite pledges from friends and family through the website. Proceeds from Pages with the Pack will benefit our Outdoor Learning Environment.

  • Team building & School Spirit: Classes have chosen a book or book character mascot and decorated their classroom doors. One winner each for K-2 & 3-6 receives an electronic or game day! Stop by and check out the doors!


Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!


School-wide Prizes… if the school raises:

  • $10,000 – Ms. Pullen & Ms. Katsampes will color their hair!!!
  • $20,000 – Ms. Pullen & Ms. Katsampes will kiss a goat at a school assembly.
  • $30,000 – Ms. K will read a few bedtime stories, then camp out on the WWE roof. (It will be live streamed thru the entire night)

Class Prizes:

  • Door decorating contest: One winner each for K-2 & 3-6 receives a game or electronic day.
  • Highest number of minutes read: One winner in each grade receives class name on the Pages with the Pack Book Trophy and ice cream party.
  • Top Fundraising Class Per Grade get a special guest author reading & spring Book Fair bookmark.
  • Top Reading Class Per Grade gets a special guest author reading & ice cream party.

Individual Prizes:

  • Each participant will receive a WWE Pages with the Pack 2018 key chain for their backpack.
  • Students earn additional charms for minutes read.
  • Top fundraiser from each grade gets a Limo ride with Ms. K. to get ice cream.
  • Top reader per class gets a Limo with Ms. K. to get ice cream.


Register now: