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Pages with the Pack

Pages With The Pack Read-A-Thon, West Woods Elementary’s largest fundraiser of the year, is Jan 24 – Jan 31.




Visit to register your student.
Families are encouraged to register students and ask for donations from family and friends.

Starting January 24, students are encouraged to read ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE and track their minutes (in school and out of school reading counts) online at

Funds will be put towards our new school wide reading curriculum.

Every student who raises the amount of donations listed below will cumulatively earn the following:

  • $10 in donations earns a certificate for a free ice cream at Cold Stone
  • $20 receives an Urban Air Basic Pass
  • $50 free pass to Skate City
  • $100 Urban Air Ultimate Pass


The top 50 fundraisers also receive a free one hour pass to Jump City!

Any student that registers receives a commemorative keychain.

Students can win charms, a limo ride to Scrumptious, and popsicle parties.

School Wide Goals & Prizes:

  • If $15,000 is raised: Ms. Katsampes, Ms. Pullen and the WNE Staff will have crazy hair for a day.
  • If $20,000 is raised: Ms. Katsampes and Ms. Pullen will kiss a farm animal.
  • If $25,000 is raised: Ms. Katsampes and Ms. Pullen will get slimed!!

Pages with the Pack LEADER BOARD

  If the document doesn’t load properly, please click here to refresh the page.   January 30th Leader Board   Click here for the main Pages with the Pack web page.