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Executive Board & Committee Chair Contact List

2017-2018 Executive Board

Stevie Peonio
(970) 222-9646

Responsibilities: Golf Tournament; Field Day; Junior Great Books; Membership; Outreach

Vice President
Margo Grieve
(720) 327-4680

Responsibilities: Welcoming; Hospitality; Staff Appreciation; Class Parties/Pack Parents; Carnival; Talent Show; Social Events; Missoula Children’s Theater

Vice President
Lesley Behrends
(720) 254-9975

Responsibilities: Communications (Marquee; Facebook, Website; Wolf Tracks; Bulletin Board); Apparel; Healthy Schools Team; Reflections; BoxTops/Milk Caps

Vice President
Christina Hatley
(720) 400-3022

Responsibilities: Business Sponsorship; Pages with the Pack; Outdoor Learning Environment; Scholarship

Heather King
(408) 771-1154

Responsibilities: Audit/Tax; Directory

Kristin Pung
(303) 808-2332

Responsibilities: Run with the Wolves; Legislative Liaison; Yearbook

2017-2018 Committee Chairs