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WWE PTSA Fundraising – Winter 2018 Update

Thanks to all of our readers and parents for the great participation so far in our annual Read-a-thon! This is an important fundraiser for our Outdoor Learning Environment.  For our legacy WWE families, this may be old news…but for our new families, we wanted to make sure you knew where and how these funds would be used.

Before we forget, more information is available at the school website:

Several years ago, the PTSA undertook a comprehensive process to evaluate, identify and plan for ways to create an Outdoor Learning Environment, including functional outdoor classrooms, improved use of the blacktop and other available areas, and updating the play structures and ensuring that our student’s  play areas are as safe as possible for all students. We involved the Principal (of course!), as well as teachers and students to ensure we had a comprehensive design that maximized use of school land and gave our teachers and students more opportunities to teach and learn.  The master design is at the website link provided above.

Any idea how much the whole project costs?  Hint…..a lot!!  Current estimates are in excess of $239,000!

Since we did not have those funds just laying around and we did not want to fundraise the total amount before starting to create change, the project has been broken into logical phases so we can change as much as possible as soon as possible.

So far we have completed Phases 1 and 2.  Expenses already incurred: over $57,000.

We are actively fundraising for Phase 3 which includes:

  • Completing the outdoor learning garden
  • Creating an outdoor classroom in the front of the school (once the temporary classrooms are removed this summer)
  • Installing a naturescape/turf area behind the playground pits, including another outdoor classroom
  • Installing more seating and shade areas by the cafeteria

Total estimated costs for Phase 3: $63,000.

Then we move on to Phase 4:

  • Updating the second playground pit
  • Installing an ADA ramp
  • Updating the surfacing to fibar

Total estimated costs for Phase 4: $94,000…but we’ll get to that later.

We can provide so many links to studies that show how important it is for our kids to have chances to get their wiggles out, how great it is for their brains and their bodies to move.  But you know that already, right?

Since our school has continued to grow, so have our needs both inside and outside of the school building.  As recent proposed bond measures have not been approved by voters, these needs will continue to exist and that’s what we are looking to address.

Do you have more questions?  Please (really) see the link above or reach out to any PTSA Board member, we’d love to share more.  Alternatively, if you’d  like to contribute your ideas to the Outdoor Learning Environment Committee, please contact our Outdoor Learning Environment Co-Chairs Julie Gabler and Kristy Petroff at and