2016 Reflections Winners

We’ve Got Talent!


West Woods has talent and lots of it!  Thanks to all the students who took time to create these amazing submissions.  We had 31 entries in Reflections this year.  All entries will be proudly displayed in the hallway across from the cafeteria until November 4th.  Those with ribbons indicate Awards of Excellence and will be moving on to the County competition (22 entries).
Dance Choreography 
Primary (K-2) 
Annie Weekley – “Don’t Rain on My Parade”
Intermediate (3-5) 
Allison Davies – “I Lived”
Middle School (6-8) 
Gabriella Marranzino – “Halo” 
Primary (K-2) 
Briella Kiefer – “Shoes About Me”
Liliana Kiefer – “The Shining Tree” 
Intermediate (3-5) 
Chloe Ballantine – “Bright Like the Sun” 
Kayla Davies – “My Life of Wonders” 
Danielle Guilbault – “Man in the Diner” 
Primary (K-2) 
Briella Kiefer – “I Am Me”
Intermediate (3-5) 
Vibhaan Mathur – “When I Met Don”
Middle School (6-8) 
Grace Wallace – “Fireworks” 
Grace Wallace – “Music’s Heart”
Visual Arts 
Primary (K-2) 
Briella Kiefer – “This B is About Me” 
Liliana Kiefer – “My Story” 
Avery Mueller – “Mountain Sunset” 
Intermediate (3-5)
Sofia Elola – “The Walk of Life” 
Tia Stevens – “Photo Journey” 
Mary Weekley – “Take Your Mark”
Middle School (6-8) 
Jenny Clymo – “My Forever Home” 
Music Composition 
Primary (K-2) 
Kylie Ballantine – “Light to Dark” 
Ellie Wallace – “Under the Great Blue Sky”
Intermediate (3-5) 
Vibhaan Mathur – “Table Mountain”