Board Members

West Woods Elementary PTSA

2016-2017 Executive Board Officers


President Dayna Morain 720-936-7034
1st Vice President Julie Gabler 303-668-6928
2nd Vice President Michalla Elder 303-940-2500
3rd Vice President Amber Vlcek 303-358-7228
4th Vice President Principal Patti Katsamp 303-982-5649
Secretary Jaimee Myers
Treasurer Doug Hays 303-270-9194

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1st VP: Administrative and Educational oversees
Field Day, Health & Wellness, Junior Great Books, Legislative Liaison, Outdoor Lab Liaison, Outreach, Parenting Safe Children, Playground Refurbishment, Reflections, Scholarship, Talent Show, Welcoming

2nd VP: Communication and Social oversees
Bulletin Board, Classroom Party Planners, Directory, Hospitality, Marquee, Missoula Children’s Theater, Social Events, Social Media, Staff Appreciation, Website, Wolf Tracks

3rd VP: Ways & Means and Special Events oversees
Apparel, Carnival, Collection Fundraisers, Golf Tournament, Pages with the Pack, Run With the Wolves, Spirit Night Coordinator, Sponsor Coordinator

Secretary oversees
School Supply Kits, Yearbook

Treasurer oversees
Audit/Tax, Membership