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Current Funding Goals

WWE PTSA has several current funding goals.

1. Playground Refurbishment

PTSA has opened a Playground Refurbishment Fund that has a current balance of $12,000.  During the 2015-2016 school year, we hope to begin planning improvements to the playground.  The expectation is that this work will be completed in phases and will take several years, both to raise the money and to complete the work.  From time to time, certain fundraising efforts will be earmarked specifically to this Fund.  Additionally, we may elect to designate a certain percentage of total available funds to the this Fund. The 2016 Carnival on May 19th will benefit the Playground Refurbishment Fund.

2. Technology

PTSA is a large part of WWE’s efforts to maintain adequate technology at the school.  We are participating in 3 & 5 year Technology Plans which will help increase the number of units at the school and will ensure that existing units are updated as needed.  Funds are allocated to the computer lab, classroom and staff laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks each year as funds are available and in accordance with the school’s 3 & 5 Year plans.

3.Operating Expenses

A share of PTSA’s income is used for our operating expenses.  This includes office supplies, copies, postage, bulletin board supplies, staff appreciation, scholarship, expenses to host Student Programs, and insurance.

4. Continuing Grants to School

PTSA provides specific annual grants to WWE.

  • ExCEl Funds – ExCel Funds are used for enrichment purposes.  Each grade level team, specials teacher, and the Library are given grants each year to be used to assist with field trip expenses, speakers, performances, or other activities that will enrich a selected learning unit.
  • Conflict Managers – PTSA also supports the Conflict Manager Program by covering the expenses for substitutes for the teachers who host the training for the Student Conflict Managers.
  • 6th Grade Continuation – Each year PTSA also grants $150 to support the 6th Grade Continuation Program.
  • Student Ambassadors – PTSA provides the treats for the Student Ambassador Receptions and maintains the Student Ambassador Bulletin Board

Outdoor Learning Environment

WWE PTSA Fundraising – Winter 2018 Update Thanks to all of our readers and parents for the great participation so far in our annual Read-a-thon! This is an important fundraiser for our Outdoor Learning Environment.  For our legacy WWE families, this may be old news…but for our new families, we wanted to make sure you …