Committee Descriptions

2016-2017 West Woods Elementary PTSA Committees


Executive Board Officers
President Dayna Morain 720-936-7034
1st Vice President Julie Gabler 303-668-6928
2nd Vice President Michalla Elder 303-940-2500
3rd Vice President Amber Vlcek 303-358-7228
4th Vice President Principal Patti Katsampes 303-982-5649
Secretary Jaimee Myers 720-371-2997
Treasurer Doug Hays 303-270-9194
Committee Chairs
Apparel Michalla Elder 303-940-2500
Audit/Tax Heather King 720-808-1128
Bulletin Board Melanie Carpenter 774-284-1795
Student Amb Board Marcia Guadagni 303-349-0775
Pack Parents/Class Parties Megan Lhosky 720-837-6197
Directory Kristin Ainslie 303-919-5712
Kristin Guinan 303-881-6977
Field Day Kacey Narracci 303-424-4710
Healthy School Team Julie Gabler 303-668-6928

Communications: Facebook, Website, Wolf Tracks, Marquee, Carnival, Outreach, Legislative, Hospitality, Staff Appreciation, Outdoor Lab, Spirit Nights, Edu Kits


1st VP

Bulletin Board, Healthy School Team, Field Day, Playground Refurbishment, Junior Great Books, Reflections, Talent Show


2nd VP

Golf Tournament, Gala, Apparel, Milk Caps, Missoula, Directory


3rd VP

Run With the Wolves, Pack Parents, Yearbook, Welcoming Committee, Pages with the Pack, Membership, Social Events



Communications: Facebook, Website, Wolf Tracks, Marquee; Carnival, Outreach, Legislative


Treasurer oversees



Hospitality                                  Scott Weekly 251-401-4672
Junior Great Books                      Martina Bjorhus 720-898-1519
Legislative Liaison                       Dayna Morain 720-936-7034
Marquee                                     Melanie Carpenter 774-284-1795
Membership                               Amber Vlcek 303-358-7228
Missoula Children’s Theater         Stacey Pina         Outdoor Lab Liasion                   Chair Needed 303-425-1381
Outreach                                   Dawn Boivin 720-218-3742
Outdoor Learning Environment Julie Gabler 303-668-6928
Kristy Petroff 303-908-3880
Reflections Melinda Kiefer
Scholarship Denise Saxon 303-870-6597
Edu Kits Chair Needed
Social Events Chair Needed
Social Media Lesley Behrends 720-625-8042
Staff Appreciation Margo Grieve 720-898-0108
Talent Show Karla Call 303-330-7174
Ways & Means/Fundraisers
       Sponsor Coordinator Owen Williams 720-635-0575
Tom Lofland 303-668-7895
      Carnival Rhianna Tortorige 847-361-7132
Dayna Morain 720-936-7034
       Golf Tournament Kim Pryor 303-635-1608
Michalla Elder 303-940-2500
Nikki Castillo
      Milk Caps for MOOLA Taylor Snyder
        Pages with the Pack Kim Johnson 303-517-0254
       Run With the Wolves Kristin Pung 303-808-2332
       Spirit Night Coordinator Delisa Vanevenhoven 303-940-6283
Website Nancy Pawlick                972-787-8000
Welcoming Haley Hovis                    303-564-0931
Wolf Tracks Angela Ennis                  303-518-6441
Yearbook Karin Blais                        720-415-4010
Kristi Simmonds                314-221-4237