Mileage Club End-of-Year Update!

Wow did we ever cover a lot of miles with Mileage Club! Since January, as a school we completed a total of 7,124 laps which equals about 2,300 MILES!!! That means we could have walked to Disneyland in California…and then BACK to West Woods – AMAZING! Congratulations to Mikkleson, McQuitty, McNulty, Garcia-Lee, Bernatis, Kemper and Pouliot– their class won the Golden Show for the final “double lap” week! A few other stats: the class with the most laps for the year – Ms. Mikkleson’s Kindergarten class! Each week they had close to 100% class participation and had a goal to complete 10 mini-wolf track laps each week. The glass with the most Golden Shoe Wins by grade are: Mikkleson, Cannon, Cass, Greco, a tie in 4th grade George/Bernatis, Stolte and Roush – Way to go Wolves! How about some individual charm leaders? In Kindergarten, the students that earned over 10 charms on the mini-wolf track course were: Jackson Hatley, Morgan Brannon, Sebastien Jumel, Tristan Hunsaker, Duke Retallack, Brendaen Kobar and Kellan Snyder. And for students in 1st through 6th grade…earning 4 charms were Lauren Garamy, Gavin Hamilton, Mason Bennon, Hailey Rabbitt, Amelia Lecciso, Annie Weekley, Lily Gabler and Joey Rillos. And earning 5 charms – the most in the school – were Trevor Blong (1st grade), Brandon Kirt (2nd Grade) and Gabriel Carney (4th grade). AMAZING work each to each and every student!!! Special thank you to our parent volunteers for monitoring the course each week – even on the windy and cold days. We hope we get to do this fun challenge again next Fall!